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You just gestured to all of me...

I’ve been complaining about missing my tablet pen for some time now. Still can’t find the freakin’ thing, but I decided to stop whining about it and just ink my work traditionally! So here you go!

If I haven’t made it blatantly obvious by now, ask-reboot-turbo is my favorite ask blog on tumblr. I just freakin’ love the kid. Well Rebootmun’s birthday is today so…I drew pictures. I couldn’t decide what would be a better present; Reboot looking freakin’ awesome or Reboot in a purdy, frilly dress. SO I DID BOTH! Personally, I like him in the dress with those little frilly things in his hair XD I don’t know what that says about me as a person, but whatever.

Happy Birthday Rebootmun!

Dress reference from a page in Shinshi Doumei Cross

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